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"Recognizing that what is nude for one woman isn’t nude for another the company titled its ten distinct shades, The New Nudes, and is challenging the lingerie industry's narrow definition of beige as the default nude. "
Nudz Intimate Apparel Banishes Beige
Miami Living Magazine
"Sometimes leggings aren't as opaque as you'd like them to be, meaning your underwear can peek through the stretch material. This brand has created the perfect nude underwear for every complexion, so when you squat nothing is revealed."
5 Underwear Options Guaranteed To Stay Put During Your Workout
Self Magazine
"Nudz has taken its cue from Hollywood, offering 10 varieties of nude and naming them after such stars as Lupita Nyong’o and Scarlett Johansson."
Finally Nude Lingerie That Flatters Every Skin Tone
New York Post
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