About Us

We have a simple mission at Nudz: to redefine nude and banish beige as the default standard in the intimate apparel industry.

The New Nudes®

With The New Nudes we are challenging the lingerie industry's narrow definition of 'nude' by offering women of all colors the freedom of choice in a skin tone that is uniquely their own with perfect fit and style. Inspired by the beautiful hues of ten well-known celebrities: Scarlett, Sophia, Adriana, Eva, Zoe, Kerry, Gabrielle, Tika, Lupita and Alek, the collection incorporates shades ranging from ivory to caramel, cocoa to naturally sun-kissed and everything in between. Our debut collection of beautifully designed, non-molded and non-padded bras were created to address many women’s common frustration regarding size, fit and color and confront the reality that what is nude for one woman isn’t nude for another.